The Work of the Spirit

Our Scripture lesson today highlights that very work of the Spirit. It lifts up for us the power of the Spirit to touch each one of us uniquely and then to weave together our different threads, to tie together disparate experiences, to make sense out of chaos. … More The Work of the Spirit


Visionary Blindness

The healings that Jesus perform, the diseases cured, the deformities made clean – it is not the absence of the ailment that attracts our attention – rather, it is Christ offering abundant life and humanity’s free acceptance of God’s redemption that is the healing that commands our attention and speaks to us even today. … More Visionary Blindness

The Well

Without a declaration of faith, without a fully developed understanding, the witness of the Samaritan Woman is enough. Without judgment or presumption, her witness avoids triumphalism, it avoids platitudes or trite answers to unanswerable questions, she offers no ultimatums or certainty on theological matters – but, she witnesses to her lived experience with the living God and she invites others to come and see – to come and see and to discern for yourself who Jesus is in the world – and the people do just that. … More The Well

Come To Believe

life-long endeavor of believing that God’s love is so powerful that not even injustice, not even violence, not even doubt, not even death can overcome God’s saving grace. In the cover of darkness, we are challenged to take stock of what risks we have yet to take, what fears we have yet to confront, what prayers we have yet to pray. And, we are invited to listen, once again, to the miraculous and wildly inclusive words of Jesus – ‘For God so loved the world that [God] gave [the Begotten] Son, so that everyone who believes may not perish but may have eternal life. … More Come To Believe

It’s Tempting

Wealth, privilege, and power–these things reflect the absence of God in the world, and the darkest parts of our fallen selves. It takes the voice of darkness, the voice of Temptation to illumine our spiritual struggle between the desires of our bodies and the values of our culture and our need to be truly healed and made whole. Jesus begins his ministry from this place – smack dab in the heart of what all humanity struggles with most. … More It’s Tempting

Laws of Grace

To obey the law, it’s not about what you have to do but what you are free to do, what you are empowered to do by God as a community. According to the law, we are to Seek Reconciliation. Show Mutual Respect. Take a Posture of Humility. Practice Generous Mercy. And, Commit to Prayerful Love. These are the laws of God gifted to God’s people so that we might be co-creators with God the kingdom of heaven, right here on earth. … More Laws of Grace

The Law Serves Life

Through the lens of love, through the lens of the Greatest Commandments to love God and to love our neighbor as ourselves, all of the law and the prophets have been reimagined by Jesus for us to order ourselves for wholeness and well-being. And, in these first three laws, we begin to see how the ways of death and abuse and manipulation are upended. This is the law we have been given. This is the law that we, as followers of Christ, seek to abide by today. … More The Law Serves Life

Which One Of You?

Our responsibility, as people of faith, is to repent of the ways we have not lived into our calling to love God and love our neighbor. When it comes to racial justice in our world today, we are to confess of the ways which we have contributed to the splintering of the flock, to the unjust systems of prejudice that have been created in our county whether actively or through complicity. And, we need to have confidence that the Great Shepherd seeks out each of one of us and rejoices when we rejoin the flock to love God and love neighbor, working to co-create with God and usher in justice and people. … More Which One Of You?